Scuba Diving

Discover Scuba Diving Program

Have you ever wondered how it feels when breathing underwater? If you want to know, you should try our discover scuba diving program.

Breathing underwater is an unprecedented experience. It may take you some time to adopt it, after all, we are not sea animals. But after few minutes, you will realize scuba diving is not difficult at all. The biggest challenge for the instructor who leading the program is not to encourage participants to go into the water, persuade parcipants to go back instead. Which part is the most interesting? It's from the beginning to the end!


Totally it takes about 2-3 hours, including basic scuba diving knowledge development and clothes changing.

Price includes all diving gears and transportation from your accomandation to fun dive club and dive site.

Gears Choosing→Basic Diving Knowledge Development→

Surface Water Adoption→Diving and Having Fun!→Taking a Shower

We provide photos and videos for free. Sending by communication apps.( You can also prepare your own USB flash drive.) Our professional instroctor will stay by yourside all the time during the diving, so you can try the program even you do not know how to swim.