Scuba Diving

Basically boat dive in Kenting locates around South Bay. It takes about 10 minutes for boat. The landforms underwater is spectacular. Corals and marine life especially impressive. Sometimes we also encounter big fish and dolphins. You should try boat dive if you desire for a dive adventure.  Normally the depth of the dive sites are deeper, so we suggest you should get the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certificate first. If you are an Enriched Air Nitrox diver, you will get more fun!


Usually we only make a small group for boat diving, so there will be no crowds staying at the same boat during the dive. Regardless of safety or comfort, we can give you the best service. Just make a reservation and you will be able to choose the dive site according to the weather that day. You can decide to make one or two dive depend on your personal physical strength.


*Departure with minimum 4 people. If there are no enough people in your group, you have to wait other participants.


2 dives, NT.$2500 (includes diving guide, 2 tank, transport to dive site, boat, diving gears)

1 dive, NT.$2000(includes diving guide, 1 tank, transport to dive site, boat, diving gears)

*If you only want 1 dive, please contact us for more information. Thank you.