Scuba Diving

Diving with Nitrox
Nitrox Diving is the most popular specialty course for divers. Obviously, diving with Nitrox can make you have more no-decompression time, it means that you can enjoy the scene beneath the water longer, especially for repeating diving.
Interesting part
You will have more time to dive but less surface interval, no wonder that so many diver view Nitrox Diving as the first priority. 
Learn about the skill which can extend your diving time.
Learn how to choose your equipment in Nitrox diving.
Learn how to calculate your Oxygen exposure, distinguish the air composition of your tank, and set your diving watch.
Your Next Adventure Diving
Nitrox Diving can be benefit with any kind of diving, but matching these specialty more:
PADI Wreck Diving. The depth of the wreck is usually deep, so you can use nitrox to extend your diving time.
PADI Deep Diving. Nitrox Diving can extend no-compression time.
PADI Digital Underwater Photographer. Underwater photographers usually like to dive more times to take more pictures. Nitrox Diving can reduce the amount of Nitrogen in your body, so it can give you more times to dive.
PADI Master Scuba Diver. Nitrox Diving course can be calculated by your grade of master scuba diver.
The course includes an experiencing local diving with nitrox.
Booking online for NT$4000! Contacting us immediately!