Scuba Diving

Open Water diver Course

Get certificate! Start with PADI open water diver course and get your scuba diving certificate.
If you want to learn scuba diving and discover new things, or maybe you just want to see the deep blue, you can start from here. PADI open water diver course is the most popular scuba diving course in the world. It has already made millions of people entry the fantastic underwater world. Start with your scuba diving course and get online certificate.

Which part is the most interesting?
We can tell you that the most interesting part is from the start to the end, because the pleasure of learning scuba diving is incredible. Enjoy the first time of breathing underwater in your life and learn how to be a qualified scuba diver.
Under the guidance of PADI instructor, we will do at least five dives in the course.

What will you learn?
There are three sections in PADI open water diver course:
Knowledge development : Learning the basic principle of scuba diving.
Confined water dive: Learning the basic skills of scuba diving.
Open water dive: Review the skills and discover the blue planet.

If you want to take the PADI open water diver course or junior open water diver course, you must be over 10 years old.

In PADI open water diver course, you will learn how to use the basic scuba diving gears, including dive computer watch and basic accessories. Sometimes you may use different gears to the course, depending on the diving areas you been. Like diving at tropical zone and frigid zone will use different gears.

Booking the course online just cost NT$12000. Contact with us right now!