Scuba Diving

Free Diving is composed of diving, meditation, body controlling and training. If you desire to dive quietly without equipment, free diving will be suitable for you. It is a stylish way to explore mysterious ocean by becoming a PADI free diver.
Beginning to be a PADI free diver, you will be acquired to have enough knowledge and discipline. Furthermore, you will learn how to be an advanced free diver, and even becoming an instructor of free diving.
What will you learn from the free diving course?
That’s right! The way to fulfill the dream is to become a master free diver, a title for an excellent free diver. With training by a series of courses, you will put yourself in a great adventure. 
Knowledge of Free Diving by instructor lecturing and some material for learning by yourself
Practicing static and dynamic breath-hold in confined water. Static breath-hold have to go for 90 seconds at least, and dynamic breath-hold have to go until 25 meters/ 80 feet.
Practicing rope-holding free diving and how to guard your buddy. The goal of rope-holding free diving is 10 meters / 30 feet.
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