Scuba Diving

Whether you have gone boat diving before or not, the boat diving course can help almost each diver. Because the way to go boat diving is different in each country.
Interesting Part
It is excited about go diving from the boat, especially you can see the view of the horizon on the boat.
Learn about the skill and method to go boat diving. - You can know the different method of boat diving in each country. - You can experience the boat diving in local place.
Learn about the safe way to enter or exit the water. - Sometimes you need to give your equipment to your diving buddies before you get on the boat. - Sometimes you just take off your fin and climb on the ladder of the boat.
Learn how to store your equipment correctly on the boat.
Learn how to use the rope properly to start or finish the diving.
The course includes two boat dives in local place!
Booking online for NT$5000!!! Contact us rapidly!!!