Scuba Diving

Advanced Open Water Diver Course

Explore, exciting and experiencing.  This is PADI advanced open water diver course. However you do not have to be really 'advanced' to take the course.  You could take the course immediately right after you get open water diver certificate.
 Advanced open water diver course will increase your confidence and improve your scuba diving skills. You will be more comfortable underwater. This is a good way to make you get more chance to dive and keep learning new knowledge under the guidance of PADI instructor.
The course is basic on the things you learned before.  Develop new abilities by taking you into new activities that make scuba diving more interesting.
You will complete 5 adventures in dive to practice your diving skills, including:
Underwater Navigation Adventure Dive
Deep Adventure Dive (Usually the depth is between 18-30 meters/ 60-100 feet.)
Experience 3 difference adventures in dive which you are interested in.
Which part is the most interesting? The choice you make.
One of the reason you will enjoy the advanced open water dive course is the dive way you learn in the course is chosen by you and your instructor from a variety of adventure dives.
 You can try Enriched Air Adventure Dive, Boat Adventure Dive, Peak Performance Buoyancy Adventure Dive and Night Adventure Dive.

If you want to take the adventure in dive course, you must be:
PADI Open Water diver or same level certificated by other institution.
Over 15 years old. ( Over 12 years old for PADI junior advanced open water diver course )

What will you learn?
The knowledge and skills you acquire in advanced open water will vary depending on your interests and the adventure dive you chose, including:
deep diving in practical
dig deeper the physiological influence of scuba diving
more ways to use campus underwater
How to navigate by kicks, landmark and time estimating
How to make full use of the computer watch 
More and more, just depends on the adventure dives you choose.

You will use all basic scuba diving gears, including your campus underwater, depending on the three adventure dives you choose.

Booking the course online just cost NT$10000. Contact with us right now!